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Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy in Ringgold, Georgia, offers patients modern solutions for some of the health and wellness consequences of the aging process. Integrative medicine expert Robert Burkich, MD, and the team prioritize patient well-being and frequently care for people experiencing hypertension, heavy metal toxicity, and hormone deficiencies, and much more.

Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy helps patients explore their options for anti-aging procedures that can remove toxins, balance hormones, improve circulation, and boost immunity. Treatment modalities include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, a range of IV therapies, ozone therapy, PRP therapy, external counterpulsation therapy (EECP), hair regrowth, and hair removal, just to name a few. Patients can also customize their treatment with infusion add-ons or injections as a substitute.

The primary aim of many of the treatments available at Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy is to optimize patient health and wellness to their personal health goals. The therapies work well to help patients lose weight and maintain adequate energy to get through the day. They can also improve symptoms and complications from chronic health conditions.

Weight loss, a common goal among patients, is achievable with help from the Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy team. They offer custom weight loss plans with phentermine, peptides, and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to give patients the boost they need for healthy, effective weight management.

Patients at Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy can also access various aesthetic treatments and services to minimize the signs of aging that affect their appearance. Services like the Vampire Facial®, Botox® injections, and chemical peels can reduce features like wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and large pores.

To learn more about the available anti-aging treatments and services, call Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy, or book online for a consultation today.



Preventive medicine offers Intravenous Therapy (IV) to help stabilize patients by infusing the necessary vitamins and minerals into their veins.

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By removing toxins, improving blood flow and hormone levels, you can maintain an ideal body weight, keep energy levels up, diminish fatigue and mental fogginess, improve sexual function, and enhance the outward appearance.

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At Preventive Medicine, we only provide the best supplements to our patients. After 3+ years of patient satisfaction, we then decide whether or not to private label the product. We take the time to evaluate the quality and results, so you don't have to!

What is ECP?

What is Enhanced External Counterpulsation?  Enhanced External Counterpulsation (ECP or EECP) is a revolutionary, non-invasive way to prevent the need for heart surgery.

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At the end of 2019, a never seen before virus, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) was identified in Wuhan, China. This novel virus has and is continuing to spread across the globe, resulting in an “epidemic,” which is threatening to soon be labeled a “pandemic.”


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