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Many people are catching on to the benefits of IV therapy, which provides hydration and replenishes valuable vitamins or antioxidants in your system. At Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy in Ringgold, Georgia, Robert Burkich, MD, and the team offer a range of options for your formula and let you customize your IV therapy with helpful add-ons. To find out how IV therapy can improve your wellness, call Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy, or book an appointment online today.

IV Therapy Q & A

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is a service that can restore balance to the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients in your body. It can also help with dehydration and the symptoms and consequences of either being dehydrated or having a nutrient imbalance.

During IV therapy, your provider connects an IV drip bag via a long tube and catheter to your arm. The nutrients from the bag enter your bloodstream directly, which is more effective and efficient than taking nutrient supplements by mouth.

The team at Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy makes sure you have a chance to review all of your IV drip options. They can also help you choose based on your needs at the time of your visit. You can get IV therapy regularly to experience the ongoing benefits of this method of supplementation.

What are my options for IV therapy?

IV therapy comes in several different varieties, each with a unique mixture of wellness improving nutrients. Popular options at Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy include:


A chelation IV uses a chemical called ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) to remove harmful heavy metals from your system that accumulate over the years. It also lowers your risk for atherosclerosis and may improve your overall cardiovascular functioning.

Vitamin C

A vitamin C IV is a great option for you if you need an immunity boost. Vitamin C can attack fungal and viral infections, as well as harmful cells organic to your body, like cancerous cells.

Myers’ cocktail push

Myers’ cocktail is a longstanding and well-known anti-aging formula for IV therapy. With a 15-20 minute infusion, you can enhance immunity, boost energy, and improve overall wellness.


Glutathione is an antioxidant that works well as an infusion for anti-aging purposes. It reduces cellular damage and can reduce your risk for inflammatory diseases.

Hydrogen peroxide IV

The hydrogen peroxide IV stimulates white blood cell production, which, in turn, increases your immunity. It can also dissolve calcium and cholesterol deposits in your blood vessels and eliminate potentially harmful microorganisms like viruses and bacteria.

Hydration infusion

Staying hydrated can be a daunting task with making sure you drink enough water daily. Since humans are <60% water, its important to stay hydrated.  IV hydration can replenish fluids & electrolytes. You can also request additional vitamins and nutrients to the hydration IV.  

The hydration infusion combines the Myers’ cocktail formula with added hydration. You can also add glutathione in your 30-minute to two-hour infusion.

What are my options for IV therapy add-ons?

Depending on specific goals, like better hydration or a faster metabolism, you can add certain nutrients to your infusion. These include:

  • Vitamin C for antioxidant activity
  • Hydrochloric acid for immunity
  • Taurine for cell repair and cognitive function
  • Glycine for relaxation, DNA repair, and cognitive function
  • Vitamin B for metabolism and energy
  • DMSO for reducing inflammation

Furthermore, injections of vitamin B12, B complex, vitamin D, and other options are available at Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy as an alternative to IV infusions.

Schedule your consultation for a customizable IV therapy infusion by phone or online at Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy today.