Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP)


EECP Therapy

The benefits of External Counterpulsation Therapy (EECP) Therapy are unprecedented. Both have been used in hundreds of clinical trials as a safe and effective treatment for patients who are faced with a variety of medical conditions. EECP provides significant improvement to the entire health system by restoring the delivery of oxygenated blood to all parts of the body. EECP treatments are low risk, easy to tolerate, and provide immense improvement to patients who complete a full course of therapy EECP Therapy acts as an external “cardiac assist device” helping the heart perform more efficiently with minimal effort or stress during treatment.


This process helps deliver oxygen-rich blood to all vital organs inside the body, especially the heart. Overtime, this treatment has been responsible for creating a more efficient vascular system in countless patients, by improving the mechanical operation of the heart so it can deliver more cardiac output (stronger heart) with less effort.

The most common benefit associated with EECP Therapy is increased exercise tolerance. But it also decreases symptoms such as, chest pain, shortness or breath, and chronic fatigue. So if you are suffering from lack of energy or breathing complications, please contact our medical staff so we can help improve your quality of life!


How to Order?


Patient registration and consultation

Patient registration and consultation

Contact our office (e-mail Admin@PMAACT.com or call (706) 891-1200) with your contact information and setup a free consultation (phone or in-person). Provide our office with your payment information (credit/debit card and cash accepted).Submit order for processing.


Select and Schedule Your EECP Therapy Appointments

Select and Schedule Your EECP Therapy Appointments

Once you and your provider have determined that EECP Therapy is beneficial to you, setup an appointment plan with our Front Office Staff to get started.


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